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By Mary E. Adair

April 2014

Although this issue is being released to the public on the first day of April, it is certainly not a joke. There are several rather serious subjects and surprisingly more than one hark back to former military actions.

Perhaps the violent weather tragedies are affecting the mood of the authors, and all can agree the deadly mudslide in the Northern state of Washington is an ongoing frightening incident. Then there is the lost Malasian airplane -- unbelievable that can occur with all the modern tracking systems.

Thomas F. O'Neill writes of such technology and the 'intel wars' the world is facing in "Introspective." Eric Shackle's Column, by that title, harks back to a WWII Army Newspaper and how it scooped all the bigger World newspapers.

Mattie Lennon, (Irish Eyes) introduces us to another usually somber subject: wakes, then shows us how a real Irish Wake is different. Michael John Fierro (By the Numbers) brings us another numerological key to ourselves with how the first vowel of our birth name affects us forever.

There is hope though as we welcome back Peg Jones with her column "Angel Whispers" in which she discusses how the angels want us to bring humor into our daily lives to relieve stress. Happy to bring her into our magazine again.

For a special guest column we present "Cooking with Brandy, Kizer that is" with the author bearing that name sharing some interesting adaptations on a recipe that you will want to try.

John I. Blair's column "Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XVI, features Robert Gould Shaw telling his story and why you may already know of him. Blair also includes four poems this month: "Green Song," "Fresh Milk," "First Rain of Spring," and "Friends in The Making."

Bruce Clifford penned "The Cold War," and Phillip Hennessy has two: "I'm Thinkin' and Drinkin'," and "Dilemma." Then we have two stories to pique your thoughts: "One Hundred Years Before The Marriage," by Melinda Cohenour; "New School, First Day," by Cayce B. Shelton.

We again thank Mike Craner, webmaster extraordinaire, for his insights and patience with keeping us going. We thank all our authors and look forward to continuing our association. It is a joy to know that many who started out publishing in our ezine have become published book authors. Both experienced and beginning writers find Pencilstubs a good vehicle for finding and keeping their audience.

We will be seeing you in May right here in Pencil Stubs Online!

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