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The Grudge

By Bud Lemire

Life is too short to hold a grudge
When one or the other just won't budge
Maybe something wrong was said or done
Was it an event caused by someone?

Mistakes are made, we're human that way
Tomorrow will be another day
Forgive and forget and let it pass
It's not worth it to harass

It's not worth it to lose a family member or friend
Over something that you won't let end
You are the one who built the wall
It's only you who can make that call

Forgiveness comes straight from the heart
Those walls you built will then fall apart
Isn't it better to be in touch
With those people who mean so much

Nobody has to be right
There's no reason to feel contrite
A different point of view may be
Of what it is that you both see
Breathe in and breathe out, and let it go
Release the grudge that claims your soul

©April 28, 2014 Bud Lemire

Notes by Poet:

Life is too short to let little things bother you
to the point of not talking to a family member or
friend. When you rise above it and realize it was
nothing compared to the value of family and friend.
Only then can you let go of the grudge that seemed so
big at the time, really was nothing at all. Is being right
really all that matters? Mistakes are made all the time,
not only by the other person, but by you as well. Be a
better person and forgive their mistake, and bring them
back into your life, so your life will be better. Those walls
you built so high and so thick,
will then crumble to the ground.

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