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The Twin Flame Souls

By Bud Lemire

The Twin Flame fire
Is a burning desire
Touching your very soul
It's a love you just know

The strongest that will ever be
Two souls that hold Heaven's Key
As deep as you will ever go
When your Twin Flame touches your soul

Distance doesn't mean a thing
With a thought, it's happening
Twin Flames burn together, not apart
The Mind the Soul, and the Heart

Unlike the physical, throughout each day
You'll feel the love, in every way
One thought of the other, filled with love
And it's the other, you only think of

In spirit, thoughts are actions and felt real strong
A love like this is exactly where you belong
Once connected, the burning desire grows
Love goes even deeper, within the Twin Flame Souls

©April 27, 2014 Bud Lemire

Notes by Poet:

This is dedicated to my Twin Flame, Vicki
and all the other Twin Flames. Because only
a Twin Flame knows how deep and how wonderful
this kind of love feels. It's Amazing!

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