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Disease Distance

By Bud Lemire

Here I sit feeling so lonely
Why won't my friends visit me
I didn't ask to have this
Now it's my friends I really miss

I hate this disease, but what can I do
I try my best, to just get through
I'm just so tired, and I feel so weak
Sometimes I even find it hard to speak

I spend much time around a Doctor and Nurse
They check on me so I don't get worse
It hurts so much, sometimes I cry all day
But still this pain won't go away

They can't catch this disease
I wish their fears was what I could ease
Why can't people understand more
I'm the same person I was before

Each day means the most to me
To live another, is what I long to see
A friend nearby would help me through
I wish that they only knew

I wish somehow that it would get through
That one day if they have nothing to do
I would welcome a visit from a friend
To lighten my heart until the day's end.

©April 24, 2014 Bud Lemire

Notes by Poet:

Through the eyes of the person who has the illness.
It's sad that friends and family back away at times
when we need them most. They need to understand
it can't be caught. Learn about it,
because someone out there needs a friend.

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