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Cam & Foz: Summer's End

By Bud Lemire

It was a warm and sunny day
“What To Do?” were the thoughts of Camray
He could ride his bicycle down to the park
But knew he'd have to be home before dark

All the children thought there was something different about Camray
Yet they couldn't really say, in exactly which way
He knew what it was, but thought everyone was the same
When they really weren't, he thought they were playing a game

He knew exactly what he heard
He listened closely and it was a bird
A Yellow Warbler spoke to him from a little tree
At first he looked around but that's all he could see

“Hey you, what are you doing looking at me?”
The little yellow bird looked at Camray from the tree
“I was just thinking how beautiful your wings are” said Camray
The little yellow bird jumped closer since everything was okay

“I take good care of them, the yellow is in my family”
“And compared to others, we're smaller as you can see”
Camray did notice that, and smiled at the bird
As he glanced around, thinking of his next word

“Tell me, yellow bird, do you have a name?”
“Yes,” the Warbler replied, “in your language it's not the same”
“It's Fozerello, but you can just call me Foz”
“It's the name I answer to, only becoz”

“My name is Camray, will you be my friend?”
Foz replied “Yes, I'd like that” as he let a branch bend
“Camray, how do you know the language of the bird?”
“Well, Foz, ever since I could talk, I understood what I heard”

“There's something, that I will tell to you”
“I had a dream, which just might be a clue”
“I found myself flying, high up in the skies”
“With every kind of bird imagined, they were every size”

“I wasn't afraid being up so high, my wings helped me to soar”
“When I awakened from my dream, my wings were no more”
“I cried at first, because I had no wings”
“But then I understood each song that the bird sings”

“There's something, Camray, special about you”
“I felt drawn to you, and I somehow knew
“Mostly those without wings, don't understand what we say”
“Yet your silent stride, told me that this would be a different day”
“I'm a seasonal friend, Camray, when it's cold I fly away”
“South, to where my feathered friends all stay”

“I wish I could fly with you, Foz, but I have no wings”
“I stay here in the Winter, to see what the season brings”
“I'll think of a sunny day, and you perched in a tree”
“And know on this special day, you became a friend to me”

“And you, Camray, have touched my heart with joy”
“I'll think about you happily, a special wingless boy”
“Foz, may your journey be a good one, dear friend”
As they parted, the summer came to an end

©May 13, 2014 Bud Lemire

Although the summer came to an end, this was the beginning of a very special friendship that would last many seasons. It would change how he saw things, and how birds saw humans as well. It was a barrier that opened up the communication between humans and birds. An understanding. A new world.

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