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After Graduation

By Bud Lemire

After Graduation, life begins for you
Follow the path, the one that rings true
You'll find some days will be hard to beat
Other times you'll struggle to make ends meet

Choose a career that fits you in your role
Don't need to be seeing life from a dark hole
I find when you flow with the universal things
You can float above the normal with Heavenly wings

Treasure every moment, take a picture too
Memories are precious, with everything you do
Love may find you, enjoy what comes to you
Other times it will pass by, but you'll get through

If you strongly want something, see it in your mind
Search for your desires, and you'll surely find
All things that you reach for, are there for you
Presented to you in your life, watch for every clue

Have faith, the road you travel on is right
Surround yourself with friends that help shine your light
Remember no matter what you choose, there can be no wrong
Only the path you chose, and it alone is your song

©June 24, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Note:
Your adult life begins after you Graduate
What you do, how you live, how you treat others,
and your attitude about life, all depends on you.
I see life as a miracle day after day. It may be a
challenge for you at times. But, you'll get through
it with help from friends, family, & faith that all will
work out fine. And it will. I just know it will.

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