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Within Our Time

By Bud Lemire

As I was passing by the Clock Shop
I realized I didn't have time to stop
But what is time without a clock
An endless trip around the block

As minutes tick within each day
And hours seem to fly away
Seconds count fro everything
Time is counted for what it can bring

Every time that passes through
Should be greatly valued by you
For it will pass so very quick
Understand what makes you tick

Mortal is the human guise
Nurtured soul for the wise
We live on in spirit form
An eternity once we're reborn

What is time in the main stream
Is it what you think it might seem
Or is it more than what you know
Within our time it helps us to grow

©July 25, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Notes:

We must value the time we have here and
make it count. Don't sit around waiting for your
life to get better. It is better than you know.
See inside yourself before time runs out.
See the true you, know the true you, and
be the true you. Don't let the time go by
without doing all that you want to do.
Do it, be it, live it. Time won't wait for you.

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