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Lynn and The Martins

By Bud Lemire

I knew her long ago, before she took her leave
I hung around with her brothers, Peepers, Mike, & Steve
She married, moved downstate, and started a family
All things that happened, were all things meant to be

Her parents lived across the street from me
The Martins lived upstairs and in my memory
I remember all the coats hanging in the hall
Whenever I would go there, I would see them all

If one of her brothers wasn't home, I'd call on another

It really didn't matter, I was friends with each brother
Steve and I went to school together, we went to Washington school
We were great friends back then, which I thought was pretty cool

Mike was into Go Carts, and he was good at what he did
They sure did go fast, it sure was fun being a kid
Peepers was the youngest boy in the Martin clan
I haven't seen him much since he became a man

Then there's Sam, the youngest in the Martin Family
On Facebook, she became a friend to me
She's the one who told me that Lynn was moving here
Soon Lynn was telling her life's story, she really had my ear
If you see her in the lobby, or anywhere you go
Stop and say hello to this lifelong friend I know

©July 11, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Notes:

It's great to have childhood memories. I tend to go back to them often and remember them
and relive them in my mind. The Martins lived on the corner of North 14th Street
and First Avenue North, upstairs. It seems like every day I'd be over there hanging around
with one of the Martin boys. Steve was my age, and I recall one time when he injured his leg,
I was carrying his books to school for him to Washington school. Mike was the Go Cart builder
and he did really good at them. Peepers was the youngest boy. Last I remember about Lynn,
the oldest girl, was a van and she went off and got married and I hadn't seen her until she moved
back here recently. I had been friends with Sam the youngest Martin girl on Facebook and she told me
Lynn was moving into the Harbor Tower. I looked forward to filling in the missing information
on what happened to her after she left home. It was like a reunion of old friends from my childhood.
And the memories brought me back to that time and place once again.

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