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At The Band Shell

By Bud Lemire

At the Band Shell, I love what I hear
All the music that comes to my ear
The City Band and local bands play
Because that is the Escanaba way

They play the music we remember so well
While we enjoy it at the Band Shell
Some sit on the benches, some on the hill
People even bring their own chairs to chill

The conductor announces the next song
With their choices, they just can't go wrong
Sitting there on the lawn as the seagulls fly
As the sun starts to set as the time goes by

Some even dance in front or to the side
Bicyclers stop and listen from their ride
Cars will park and listen awhile
As the music is play, I see their smile

Ludington Park has a wonderful sound
Whenever the local bands come around
All the music that comes to my ear
At the Band Shell, I love what I hear

©July 14, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Notes:

In the summer time it's great to go down to the Ludington Park and listen to the great music performed by the Escanaba City Band and the local bands they play. The music is great to listen to, and they play music that I would have picked if I had a choice. To see people enjoying themselves is a good feeling to see. Music truly is the Universal language. Many thanks to the Escanaba bands for sharing their talent with their music.

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