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$$$ Everyone's Out For Money $$$

By Bud Lemire

Everyone's out for money
And it really isn't funny
It can be a pain
This world's gone insane

Soon nothing will be free
The cost is rising quickly
Online there's even a price
Truly the fee isn't very nice

Telemarketers call for cash
I tell them they can kiss my ash
It really isn't funny at all
When I answer their call

I have enough money just to make a living
I can't make ends meet if I am giving
So I keep what little I have for me
Because nothing in this world is free

They say you have to pay the Ferryman to get to the other side
But I offered him peanuts, well at least I tried
I tell you it really isn't funny
Because everyone's out for money

©Aug 29, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Notes:

The only thing that is free is love unconditionally when it is true love. The cost of living has gone up. No free things, as everything costs something. Companies keep calling you up to offer you a better deal. Looking for a better deal. It's all about working harder to have more money, or taking on two jobs.

I have learned in the last few years that money isn't everything. I live daily on as little as I make on my job. I have learned to flow with life and enjoy the little things in life. I don't ask for much, but I give a lot. My idea of a rewarding day is not money, but helping people and being out with nature and sharing a message or lesson with those willing to learn from what I already know.

Money will always be needed for living, but helping others is a giving.

I am blessed to share and give, as I love and live.

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