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By Mary E. Adair

October 2014

“The best creative inspiration is something that's commonly become known as 'the deadline.' This necessary intimidation is sponsored by the powers that be, prompted by their insatiable urge to get things done on time. Like it or not, you've got one -- and resistance is futile."...Unknown.

Summer is gone, People. Cooler temps, wetter weather, higher caloric cooking - hey, come onnnn, Winter! Could do without the dangerous fires and flooding and the accidents and damage they cause, but if you want to watch something dramatic, tune into the weather channels.

Mattie Lennon, (Irish Eyes) gets a ride in one of the new Ecars and gives the lowdown on what to expect as the courts and lawyers get into the act. Thomas F. O'Neill (Introspective) writing from Suzhou, China, discusses Space exploration and the seeming contest between USA and China.

Judith Kroll aka Featherwing does an essay on Trees in her column, "On Trek." Peg Jones (Angel Whispers) brings an explanation of Michaelmas Day and some messages from the arch angels whose day it is. (September 30.) "Merlin's Insights" by Merlin whose discussions are usually totally about love, addresses hate. Yes, hate. But see for yourself.

John I. Blair's column "Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XXII introduces the composer - performer Malvina Reynolds. You may know some of her songs. Blair also brings us four poems: "Making A New Garden," "Dreams of You," "This Heart," and "Keratosis Neurosis."

Bruce Clifford sings his submissions "Nothing Seems Right Anymore" and "It's Taking Too Long." Bud Lemire, whose hobby is photography sends "Success of The Soul," with a pic of his camera and himself. He also submitted "The Shadow of the Butterfly."

Phillip Hennessy aka Philipo has six poems this month: "If Only I Had Said," "Prayer - You're in My Heart," "Your Demons Stick with You," "Love is...," "Absolutely Nothing," and "MindWalk." Your editor is unable to choose a favorite among these.

Melinda (Carroll) Cohenour, sister of your editor and family genealogist, writes enthusiastically about following genealogy. Her article is about how surprising it can be to follow family connections through the activities they were in during their lives.

Thank you again, Mike Craner! You are always appreciated and often prayed for.

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