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Success Of The Soul

By Bud Lemire

We live upon this world with two journeys to take
We must choose the one that we wish to make
One is the journey of the physical, one is of the soul
One will bring success, one will make us whole
As I traveled down life's road, I truly must confess
I felt like I had failed, because I never had success

In a man made world, success is a great key
I had never striven for it, I just kept being me
I let the universe guide me, with every turn I took
It became my life's adventure, like pages from a book
My idea of a good life was to just let it flow
Take life easy, that's all I would ever know

I never wanted more money than I would ever need
I followed along life's road to see where it would lead
I found pleasure in the little things each day
My perception of life was in a different way
I saw the beauty all across the land
My reward was to give people a helping hand

I'd look around and with my camera capture everything
That beauty that surrounds and colors it would bring
I followed wherever I was lead
Words and ideas forming in my head
I always took note on whatever I would see
My life's journey would turn up in my poetry
There is an inner part of you that we call the soul
When you follow it, it will make you whole

Listen to it, feel the calm it brings
Let it lift you higher, use your Heavenly wings
Look deep inside, then you too will know
Success isn't money, when it's success of the soul

©Sept 22, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author's Notes:

Although we need a certain amount of money in this world to survive, we don't need to strive on it. Pure and Simple, love is what we need. Love of our self and others. Completeness in our being who we are being. Honoring our soul for all it can be. Listening to the universe as it guides us to where we truly should be. In your soul, it will feel like the right place.

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Sept 22, 2014 by Bud Lemire using his Camera and his Nexus


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