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The Real Me

By Bud Lemire

Photographs and poetry
Look and tell me what you see
Take a look inside my mind
Tell me what it is you find

If you could know what I know
And see the things when they show
Then you would see all that I see
You might understand the real me

If you had lead the life that I did
That made this man out of a kid
Then you might know who I came to be
And you might understand the real me

If you believed all that I believe
Then possibly you wouldn't have to grieve
If you experienced all that I have done
You would understand the true meaning of fun

You are not in my mind, nor in my shoes
What you do know, is just outer news
If you could look inside and see
Then you would know the real me

©Oct 8, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Everyone has a “Real Me” hidden inside each of them. Some of our friends and family members only know parts. Sometimes the “Real Me” comes out, and sometimes they only see what they want to see on the outer side. It depends on who you can confide in, and who would think you are crazy for thinking that way. We all need someone who believes that you believe and understands. Someone who makes you whole. Someone who lives in your world, and knows what you know. Many of us don't know the “Real Me” in others. Yet others do.

One thing that makes life better, is accepting the “Real Me” in others for being their real true selves. Deep inside is the “Real Me.” How you use it, is up to you.

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