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Songs in Time

By Bud Lemire

Music of the past brings me a memory
Present music is a gift of what is meant to be
Future music is exciting to look forward to
Songs from every time are there for you

Memories in a life, songs will take you there
Music of the past, can take you anywhere
To an earlier time, when the words in the song were saying
While inside your mind, the memories were displaying

In the present songs that you listen to
They're in your life to help you through
Fresh and current, alive and vivid to your ears
They will calm and excite you, and take away your fears

Music that we're waiting to be released next week
Enhanced anticipation for something that we seek
What will it sound like, will it sound like they did before
Music that you love to keep up with, and you ask for more

Past, present, and future, music is the key
Touching upon our souls, in sweet harmony
Music is the sound that touches us all the way through
Music guides our soul in everything that we do.

©Oct 5, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note: Music is the one thing that has touched me since the
day I was born. It can wake you up and make you feel
like dancing. It can help you go to sleep at night.
It can make you cry. Music is indeed the language
key of the Universe, which everyone loves.

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