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The Rewards Of Genealogy

By Bud Lemire

While researching my Family Tree
I have found rewards in genealogy
Being in touch with Cousins near and far
Sharing family stories and finding out who they are

You just never know who you might hear from today
A cousin you never knew might have something to say
They could be interested in the Family Tree
And the rewards of researching genealogy

Some may be a close Cousin, some might not be
Striking up a friendship, they always write to me
To me it comes as a surprise to hear
From a Cousin who could be far or near

There are so many branches on the Family Tree
I never know which one will be in touch with me
It's like a Gold Mine when contact is made
You can help them, they can come to your aide

I've been in touch with many throughout my research time
Many have become close and have touched this heart of mine
As I've researched branches on my Family Tree
I find there comes the Rewards Of Genealogy

©Sept 30, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note: The rewards of genealogy is not only finding out who your ancestors were and who their families are, but also finding out who your cousins are. Once you find some Cousins who are still alive, you make contact, and you have a common love of the family you each come from. You get to share stories of those they spent time with, those you spent time with, and those you've heard stories about. These special moments are the rewards of genealogy.

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