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Autumn's Journey

By Bud Lemire

The leaves are changing on the tree
Autumn leaves fall upon me
Orange and yellow and shades of red
The leaves have fallen and are dead

Through the winter the tree is bare
As the wind blows through the air
See the shape of the tree
It is bare, but oh not me

I put more clothes on in this season
Lower temperatures is the reason
The tree shows us that leaves will die
We call it The Fall, and never ask why

New leaves are born in the Spring
By summer the tree has everything
The leaves are back, the tree is fully dressed
Covered with leaves and looks its best

Just like the leaves that fall and die
Our own lives will pass on by
In the Spring we'll be born once more
When our journey takes us to Heaven's Shore

©Oct 10, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:Just like the leaves on the tree,
we too have a cycle we follow.
We die, and are renewed in Heaven
and start all over again.

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