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We Can Fly

By Bud Lemire

Seagulls, like all birds, remind me that I can fly
When our bodies bring us down, we can always try
We have the wings to fly high on life
We can soar above our fears and strife

Our bodies are just vessels that we wear
Like a coat to protect us from cold air
We use them to learn the most while we're here
We find out nothing is as it seems to appear

There is much below the surface , deep inside of you
Where resides your strength, the soul to help you through
The spirit of all that you are, all that you will ever be
It all depends on how you act, the way in which you see

Sometimes we forget how strong we can truly be
Caught up in a world, there are things you can not see
Our strength can be felt, a sense of knowing
We can tap into, to guide us while we're growing

If you listen closely, you will know and feel
The inner strength, and you will know it's real
Even when our bodies bring us down, we should always try
Just like the Seagulls and the other birds, we'll know we can fly

©Oct 5, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:Inside of us is the soul. It stores our inner strength.
We are much stronger than you can ever imagine.
Our bodies may seem to limit us
from knowing what is beyond the physical.
But look deep within, and feel it. Know it.
It will guide you and give you strength,
and help you to fly.
Believe in it. You can fly!

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