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Soul Personality

By Bud Lemire

Who knows what touches the soul and what touches the mind
In everything that you seek and all that you find
All we know is how it makes us feel
Sensations deeply connect us to all that is real

We can't all like the same thing
We take away something different than what we bring
Touching others in ways we may never know
Deep inside it is recognized by the soul

What makes us laugh, what makes us cry
Some of us will choose to walk, some will fly
Sometimes we think we haven't left the ground
Others will look skyward to where we are found

What interests us in music, or what we like on TV
Makes up our characteristics of our personality
What we believe and enjoy, keeps us moving ahead
Just following the path to which we are lead

The walk of life and the journey of the soul
Brings us lessons that we come to know
All the places where we come to be
Are the results of our Soul Personality

©Oct 19, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Our Soul Personality is what makes up all that we are.
Our likes, our beliefs, what we know, what we do, what
makes us smile, or makes us angry. But we are so much
more than what is on the surface. Inside, is our Soul
Personality, and as we journey this lifetime, it comes to
the surface. What we may have forgotten, is once again remembered.

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