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Lighten Up With Laughter

By Bud Lemire

Lighten up your life with laughter
It's needed in this world and after
Lighten your stress, and your mood
Joke around but don't be rude

Laughter truly is the best thing
A touch of humor is always good to bring
A funny joke to share
Will clear any air

It's the best thing for your soul
Gigglers are the ones who know
Giggle and laugh, and smile too
Depression won't want to be with you

Don't take life too serious each day
Lighten it when you put laughter on display
Laugh at how funny people can be
Then you can laugh along with me

What could make you laugh out loud you say
Something funny that happened in a humorous way
Lighten up your life with laughter
It's needed in this world and the here after

©Oct 30, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I always find life goes much better when you can
laugh and look at it from a different angle. Laughter
relieves stress and makes everything so much easier on
you. It helps you get through your life when you can ease
any tension with laughter.

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