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This Kind Of Love

By Bud Lemire

Imagine two people miles away
Yet closely together every day
It isn't physical, but of the soul
I really wonder just how much you know

Imagine the deep love each one feels
Closely connected, not separated by wheels
The distance is really not that far
This love is much stronger without a car

The spirit is a special gift you see
It bridges the distance of all love can be
No worries of weather, or enough gas to arrive
This kind of love makes you happy to be alive

Stronger and deeper and much more complete
When the souls who are Twin Flames spiritually meet
They aren't a Soul Mate, it's very much stronger
This love connection will last a lot longer

A lifetime and after, you'll feel all of this love
God has blessed you with all the best of
Think of the best love that you ever felt
Not even close, this kind will make you melt

Heavenly beyond anything physically to feel
It's two souls recognizing the love that is real
Their love is with you all the time
Felt throughout your body, it is divine

I can't even compare it to anything close
It's the soul of your lover, not an Earth bound ghost
This kind of love touches places they physically could not
The energy of a Twin Flame can make you very hot

Remember the soul is made up of energy and does lots of things
Think of this love as being carried on loving wings
If our Twin Flame passes away
We can still feel them every day
It's the way of love, and the way of the soul

The body's the vessel, but there's much more to know
Just think of feeling the bliss twenty four hours each day
Everywhere you are, that feeling won't ever go away
The love of Twin Flames is a forever thing
Because souls never die, whatever life brings

This kind of love is the Twin Flame love


©Nov 15, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This is what I feel it is, for this is what I've experienced with
my love and in my life. Everyone has their own story on how it is
for them. Whether it be Soul Mate, Duo Soul, Twin Flame,
or something else. I wish you the best in having the
best love ever. Your soul deserves the very best.
May the love be yours. Always.

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