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Sing Out A Song

By Bud Lemire

Sing until you can't sing no more
Let it all out and let your voice soar
Let out your feelings, give voice to your soul
Give us a song, so that we'll also know

Sing it out out loud
Yet not in a crowd
Sing it out alone
Or on the telephone

Let your soul sing out exactly how you feel
Sing us a story, touching all that is real
From your heart and soul, we'll listen to
Sweet harmony in a song that's from you

Sing us a tune to make us want to sing along
Let your voice dance in the air so very strong
Let us feel the message in what we hear
In the song that you share, a song full of cheer

Sing out a song that will make you feel great
At the spur of the moment, so you don't have to wait
Sing out a song of love and of laughter
That will have us so happy, forever and after

©Nov 18, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

No matter if you think you have a good voice
or not, singing is good for your soul. Expressing yourself
and letting out a song makes you feel good. It is a song
that must have touched you, and you decided to share it
with the Universe. Whether in a crowd or alone, it will
always make you feel better. Whether it is a well known
song, or one you made up at the spur of the moment,
it is sung with a good feeling inside. Music
really does touch the soul, and the voice
can touch so much as well. Even a voice
that is not sung in song, can really
touch you. I do believe there is
good energy in each song that
uplifts us. So, keep on
singing, and keep on
dancing to every song.

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