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A Christmas Heart

By Bud Lemire

At Christmas time, everyone played their part
Under the tree was the little girl with the wonderful heart
She held it up real high for all to see
And placed it in the middle of the tree

She wasn't little, but she played the part
Because her life went fast, but she kept a good heart
Life lead her to become an adult way too fast
Her childhood just didn't seem to last

She raised a family and watched them grow
Until it was their time to go
Her life lead her down the road
Sometimes it was a heavy load

Then one year there came a light
That surrounded her day and night
The greatest love that would ever be
That light she felt, was me

I was her light, and she was mine
The greatest love, love of the divine
The little girl that was lost long ago
Has been released with all the love I know

Beyond the body, there is the soul
Every moment this love will grow
Our love will never be apart
Our souls rejoice with a Christmas Heart

©Dec 19, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

For this beautiful woman who is now a
little child at heart. I let her inner child
out, and she came out to play. The little
boy inside of me is so very happy. She
has such a wonderful heart and soul.
At Christmas time, she is the greatest
gift ever. Thank you Vicki.

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