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Precious Is The Time

By Bud Lemire

The time here on Earth goes so very fast
Moments that we cherish never seem to last
A serious illness or a heart attack
Without a warning and there's no going back

Precious is the time that we spend here
With all the people that we each hold dear
Family and friends and the joy they bring
Winter, Summer, Autumn, and into Spring

Times keeps on ticking and quickly passing by
Counting down the days until it's time to die
Within your lifespan, do the things you need to do
What I mean is, do what the means the most to you

If you have something left unfinished, or somewhere you wish to go
Someone you need to be with, then you must listen to your soul
Don't waste time, make it a happening event
Each day is worthy of the time that is spent

Don't just sit there and wait
It might just be too late
Do it now, be where you need to be
Get it done, happiness is your destiny
Don't waste time, the end is drawing near
Precious is the time, make it count while you are here

©Dec 4, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Don't just sit there wishing and hoping for the most
meaningful things in your life to happen, do them!
If you have someone you know you are suppose to be
with, go be with them. If there is something you've always
wanted to do, do it. Is there somewhere you want to be,
be there. Don't wait, because time keeps moving on and
you need to make the move soon, before it's too late.
Because here on Earth, happiness is what you deserve.

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