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Messages In My Chair

By Bud Lemire

Every time I lie down the phone rings
When I stand it is silence it brings
I hear whispers when I sit in my chair
They come from spirits who wish to share

I listen closely and then it will begin
Too many spirits makes my head spin
The messages that are coming through
Are from your loved ones that I give to you

I'm seeing something, but can't make it out
Someone in spirit is beginning to shout
Do you have a clue of who it could be
On who this loud spirit that is coming to me

Now he's talking softer, let's hear what he tells
There they are again, those ringing bells
I pick up the phone and nobody talks
Across my room a spirit walks

What is the message they have come to give
It's words that make your life easier to live
What is it lately that you've been thinking of
The answer you seek is Sunshine and Love

İFeb 2, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

It's always nice to hear from our loved ones
who come around us often and watch over and
guide us always. Yet we should know they want
the best in Love and Sunshine for us. Everything
that is good for us, they want for us.

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