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From A Different Place

By Bud Lemire

When you lose a loved one, and you start to grieve
Know that they come around, they never truly leave
They come around often, to check up on you
From a different place, they try to leave a clue

It may not be the same, as it was before
Their energy has changed, but their love is even more
They come around, because of their love for you
Heaven isn't far away, when the love is true

Their energy is different, with no body they're inside
They guide you on your journey, they haven't really died
You may not be able to see them, or hear them like before
They could even be standing, right next to the door

When you are open, and are finished with the grieving
Then in your dreams, their messages you'll be receiving
You'll know a visitation, when it strongly touches your heart
In the Astral Stream, a connection plays its part

Never doubt that the bond of love, is always there
You'll know the love continues, when you are aware
So even though physically, you can't see their face
Their loving energy, comes from a different place

©Oct 27, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Even though our loved ones have passed into the
Heavenly Spirit World, they still come around to
guide us and watch over us. They know what is
happening in our lives, and they want us to continue
to do our best on our journey. The love we shared
doesn't end, because their lives never end. The soul
continues its journey from a different place.

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