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The 4th Of July

By Bud Lemire

As people gather at Ludington Park
To await the Fireworks when it is dark
The Escanaba City Band plays at the Bandshell
While vendors serve what they have to sell

Waiting for the Fireworks to start
While sparklers set off a spark
Firecrackers in the distant, so very loud
It's the 4th of July, in this happy crowd

Chairs set around, as people chat
This is the place where it's all at
Friends are here, and family
So many people that you can see

There are people watching from atop the hill
A little kid has a drink just waiting to spill
Running down the hill, from here to there
The drink flies all over, everywhere

The Fireworks begin and soon starts the show
A display of lights that blast to a glow
All kinds of colors appear in the sky
It's another Escanaban 4th Of July

©July 3, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I always enjoy watching the Fireworks and
chatting with different people I see down at
Ludington park. Listening to the Escanaba
City Band play while we await the Fireworks.
Watching kids play with sparklers. And of
course I take pictures to remember each year.

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