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Childhood Memories

By Bud Lemire

Thinking back to when I was a kid
There were so many things that we did
Kick the Cans, making snow forts, and flashlight tag too
When we were kids, there was so much we could do

Squirt guns were loaded and ready to aim
We never lacked fun, there was always a game
Don't Spill The Beans, Don't break the ice, and Monopoly
There was always someone who would play them with me

Catching frogs and toads on the Island was fun
One got loose in Mom's bedroom, its hopping days are done
Never did find that toad that got away
I'll always remember that time to this day

Swimming at the Beach and going under
Being a kid had me filled with wonder
Even as an adult wonder still fills my soul
Because I let myself wander wherever I go

I always think back to those days long ago
Seems like a different lifetime that I use to know
Yet they are written in my journey's book
For those wishing, can always take a look

As an adult I keep the child nearby
I imagine I'm a hero and start to fly
Flying so far and I reach the place
Where love finds me with a smiling face

©June 1, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I'll always remember the days of long ago
because as a child we had no worries, and
always had fun. It was all about fun. We
had family, and the best love from them.
I look back to those days when I was a child,
and yet people tell me I am still one today.
Because I am still having fun, enjoying life.

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