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By Bud Lemire

On a hot and humid day I just seem to sweat
Underneath my hat, it's so very wet
Feeling so tired, energy is not there
All I want is to walk around in underwear

Ice in my glass, keeping liquid cold
Tastes so good to drink, and cool to hold
The fan is on, blowing air my way
Cooling down the place, on this summer day

Sweat on my back, sweat on my head
Into the shower, is where I am led
I'm out again, and maybe I'll dry
Or boil in the heat, as the day goes by

A popsicle tastes good on this kind of day
Even ice cream or a rootbeer float is okay
So as I sit here, sweat runs down on me
I'll have me another glass of homemade ice tea

Oooh that tastes so good on this day so hot
Soothing cool, and seems to hit the spot
I guess I'll sit back and enjoy it anyway
As the sweat on my body trickles down on this summer day

©July 27, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When it's hot, it's hot, but when it's humid, it's a wet day for all.
I keep cold liquids and ice around so I don't get dehydrated. It
feels good to keep me cool on a hot day. Also lotion is good so
your skin doesn't dry out. Lotion is good for that. Keep those
fans going, or the Air Conditioners going, and keep yourself cool.

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