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The Ballad Of Mike & Bev

By Bud Lemire

Something happened most recently
Showing me again that love is the key
Two people joined, their love came together
To share a wonderful future, they could treasure

Mike use to live on my floor, I knew him as a friend
They were playing games together, time they would spend
Bev lives here also, she also played the game
Gradually their love grew stronger, which started the Flame

Who's to know who belongs together
Only they know the love that brings them pleasure
We never know who's a match to be
They listen to their heart and soul, very lovingly

It fills me up with happiness, whenever I see
Two loves come together, with all love can be
Life is too short to live without loving
Now they have a special bond, a little turtle doving

So what I want to say to you Beverly and Mike
Keep on loving each other, I'm going to ride my bike
Before I end this poem, I wish you both the best
The love you guys are sharing, is because you've each been blessed

©August 28, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Mike & Bev, life is too short to spend alone. I am so happy you saw
the good qualities in each other and found the love that not everyone
can find. Life will not always be easy, but together as a team, you will
find a way through all the rocks on the road. Because your love will
carry you each through it all, together.

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