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By Mary E. Adair

October 2015

"“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that's what makes you strong.” --― Sarah Dessen

Sometimes all we give October credit for is being the month with Halloween. Believe this: it is much more. It is the month that students in college for the first time begin to see the value of listening. That value is one that each of us should embrace, for with it we learn all there is that we can absorb. Reading is a great tool, but listening is what causes the lesson to groove into our brain, making a memory. If there were one thing this editor could wish for today, it would be having the poetry in this ezine through the years recorded in each author's own voice. Think about it.

The sole article for October is given over to the tribute to Mattison Jay Mansfield, aka FireEagle. His last poem sent to us just a few days before his passing, is in the tribute and also listed and shown with the poems: "Sob," a poem about recognition of limitation but the courage to be strong in every way that matters.

Bud Lemire, both poet and photographer, includes a self photo with "Netflix." His other five poems this issue are: "Alma's Photobook," "Sinus and Allergies," "Too Much Perfume," "Everybody Goes to Heaven," and "Discovering Every Day."

Phil Hennessy shares his poem, "Be Strong," and John I. Blair sent along two poems, "Another Dream of Her" and "Early Autumn." "Balancing Act" and "The Last Drop of Summer" comes in from Bruce Clifford.

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda (Carroll) Cohenour, includes tips for organizing your data. "Introspective" arrives from China authored by Thomas F. O'Neill, focusing on China's new push to separate State and Religion. "Irish Eyes" from author Mattie Lennon, discusses some famous stonecutters from Ireland who made their name in America. "Cooking with Rod" by Roderick Cohenour features his take on lasagna, explaining the steps to success with this dish.

Rebecca Morris' serial "The Adventures of Ollie Dare" continues with Chapter 6 "Ollie-Dare Has A Birthday Party" for this issue. Your reading youngsters should enjoy this one.

Thanks again to Mike Craner for his expertise and patience that allows this little ezine to continue its mission of encouraging writers, experienced and beginners, and to promote reading.

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