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Sinuses and Allergies

By Bud Lemire

Sinuses and allergies
Always seems to make me sneeze
Always at this time of year
When the Autumn time is near

Eyes are itching all the time
I rub them until I am almost blind
Then the eyes are sore and red
While I sneeze my way to bed

In the morning I start my day
Sneezing all over as I walk away
My nose is itchy, I wish it would stop
My head feels like it just might pop

It's affecting my whole body in many ways
I wander around as if in a daze
Once the sneezing starts, I can not quit
I rub my eyes and then I spit

I didn't realize, but now I know it's true
It's been with me all my life through
But sometimes it just seems much worse
It's like I have some sort of curse
I'll end this poem with one last sneeze
I itch just like a dog with fleas

©Sept 1, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The allergies have been the worst for me
this year. I just had to write another poem
about it.

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