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Don't Throw Them Out!

By Bud Lemire

In the old photos, there may be a face
Or maybe more, that you can't place
An unknown relative in your family
Yet you don't know who they could be

You may think they mean nothing to you
But in fact, you really should know they do
What if there's a relative, who just might know
A name for each person, you wouldn't have to let them go

Maybe a cousin is doing the family tree
Might have an idea, of who it could be
It might be Aunt Sally, or Uncle Sam
Calling out to you saying, “you know who I am”

Don't throw them out
Let go of the doubt
There may just be
Someone knows your family

When looking through old photos, and you see a face
That is somebody, that you just can't seem to place
Even when you have the slightest of doubt
Someone might know, so don't throw them out

©Nov 13, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

If you look at your old photos and don't know the people
in them. Don't throw them out. There may just be someone
who may be able to identify some of the people. It may seem
that they may not have much meaning because you don't know
who they are. Instead of throwing them out, ask if anyone else
would be interested in having them. Because once they are
thrown away, they can not be recovered ever again. Do the
wise thing, before taking the action of throwing them away,
ask around. Looking ahead, always label your pictures, so
that someone in the future won't be throwing away a picture
of you.

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