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The Pearl

By Bud Lemire

With every person, there is a pearl which is called the soul
Shining brightly for everyone, remove the shell and see its glow
The body is our shell, our soul is the pearl
Hearts beating in love, for a boy or girl

Love is the greatest thing, that we could ever feel
Our hearts feel it, and our soul knows it's real
It's something that we know
An energy that will flow
Giving us an inner glow
We feel it, yet it may not show

When our bodies can't go on any longer
It ceases, and our souls become much stronger
We will shine so strong and bright
As we travel in Heaven's light

Yet that is not the end of life as we know
In the Astral Universe, our love continues to grow
Experiencing more as life continues through
An eternity to learn all that you can do
Like the pearl shining in its shell
You'll become much brighter as well

©Nov 23, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Remember, you are much stronger than you
know. Your soul is there and is guiding you
to where you need to be. It shines, and it
helps you to be in tune with your surroundings.
Listen, feel, know! Because your soul is the pearl
that will shine brightly for the YOU that you are.

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