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To Be Free

By Bud Lemire

What I want is for you to be
Able to do what you want, to be free
No one telling you what to do
Just the person you are, being you

I don't believe anyone should be in control
When you are free to choose, it makes you whole
No one should be throwing things around
Nor hiding scared in your room without a sound

Being yourself is being true
All I want is you to be you
I don't like to know you're in a bad place
With a frown and tears upon your face

I want laughter and to see you smile
To enjoy your company for quite awhile
No one should be told to be silent
That's not the way a life should be spent

No one should always have to be on guard
In their own home, it's just too hard
What I want is for you to be
Able to do what you want, to be free

©Dec 8, 2015 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Nobody should be a prisoner and a slave
in their own home. They should be free to
do what they want, and be who they wish to
be. Giving freely, and living freely. With the
one you are with, both should respect the other
. Nobody should be taken for granted and degraded.
Everyone is precious and has value. Everyone should
be free to be.......who they are and wish to be.

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