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When The Walls Close In

By Bud Lemire

When the walls are closing in on you
There's only one thing that you can do
Get out, get out, get out of that place
Quit climbing those walls, put a smile on your face

There's nothing as great as some socializing
It especially good for the soul, which isn't surprising
Maybe have a cup of coffee with some of your friends
Gather around in the lobby, the list never ends

Just go anywhere where people can be found
You'll feel so much better with your feet off the ground
Inside and alone can make you insane
Being closed in is just too much to contain

Some fresh air is the best that can be
Or take in the beauty of a beautiful tree
Down by the water, there's always someone there
Out on the island, there's so much if you're aware

Just to take a little trip close by
Can help to make you a little more high
Don't let the walls close in on you
You know exactly what you should do

©Feb 22, 2016 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

When the walls close in on you, get out.
Go for a walk down the stairs just out
in back or front, or to the store, or by
the water, or to have some coffee, or to
the lobby. Just getting out for a short
while helps you in a big way.

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