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Just Because

By Kay Roy Jones

Just because you are so far away
Has not stopped my thoughts each day

Just because you’re very strong
You keep me laughing all day long

Just because you have been sent to me
We can now be totally free

Just because you have a wonderful heart
Opening to our possible start

Just because you have some sorrow
Only means the depth of your love tomorrow

Just because of how you make me feel
The warmth and depth I know is real

Just because of our daily chat
Has kept me on our path

Just because you are mine my dear
The blessings of angels is so very near

Just because I thank you every day
For staying with me in every way

Just because you are whom I see
Shows me the woman I want to be

Just because and because it seems just
To dream of wonders ahead I must

©March 2016 Kay Roy Jones

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