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Kay Roy Jones

Until recently I felt that I had no place trying to write a book....But thanks to some very special friends I am going out on a limb here. This is a dream I had recently. I have never written anything but a my heart beats a mile a we go.....With "Cougar under Glass."

I have a passion to write about a very special little girl....she is my Texas Angel now. But this is leading up to her book and her foundation. It's amazing what comes out of the ashes of our former life into the dawn of a new path.


Type Month Year Title
Story September 2013 Cougar Under Glass
Story October 2013 Journey to The Heart
Story December 2013 We Receive What We Need
Story January 2014 Ribbons of Butterflies
Poem February 2016 2016 Into My Fatherís Eyes
Poem April 2016 Just Because
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