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Joining Hearts

By Phillip Hennessy

the lyric...

All those who Give, this Christmas
will have a time of Joy, and Cheer
Some children know that this must
be another Lonely year

When you need somebody,
all you have to do, is Say
What if, they just can't hear your way
Kindness looks another way

Reach out your hands, to Help them
let's join our Hearts as One
Togetherness is all it takes, so
Come on, Everyone

Love is all Compassion
giving others Happiness
Sharing, yields Affection
Helping some of those with Less

Reach out your hands, to Help them
Let's join our Hearts as One
Togetherness is all it takes, so
Come on, Everyone

2015 Phillip Hennessy

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the song...
Joining Hearts on You tube

Author's Note:
I simply can't believe I haven't shared this song lyric
with you before...this is Joining Hearts, a song I wrote
for a national charity (Children in Need) here, in UK.
All the proceeds went to the charity, which is Run by the BBC here,
and they also used it as the theme tune that year

I will soon be doing a New version of this, so that we can raise
funds for a local Homeless charity that I'd like to support.

Oh, that's not me,'s a friend of mine, Paul Salvage
who is a well known singer here, and the background vocals are my
children, together with their school choir.

It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, in the same room that
the Beatles recorded "All you need is Love"


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