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Phillip Hennessy

Phil Hennessy, aka phillipo, is a writer of poetry, music, and life experiences. A musician, in the late 1990's he belonged to, and co-established the musical group "The Common People." A cd by the same name was released by RedMan Records.

A carpenter by trade, today Phil spends his days writing, investigating and reading about spiritual and paranormal experiences.

Editor's Note: "The Common People" cd is excellent entertainment.


Type Month Year Title
Poem November 1999 Timeless
Poem November 1999 Mother Earth
Poem November 1999 Beauty
Poem December 1999 Channellings
Poem December 1999 Abundance
Poem December 1999 Spiritual Cobwebs
Poem February 2000 Treasure
Poem April 2000 Believe
Poem April 2000 It Doesn't Pay
Poem April 2000 The Play
Poem July 2000 The Gift
Poem September 2000 Another Time
Poem September 2000 2 Be Continued. . .
Poem September 2000 Higher
Poem October 2000 Whatever
Poem October 2000 Dancer
Poem March 2001 One Day
Poem November 2001 Please Don't
Poem November 2001 Life Don't Change
Poem November 2001 No Secret
Poem November 2001 Enough!
Poem January 2003 I'm Alive!
Poem January 2003 I Can't Talk
Poem April 2003 I Hope
Poem June 2003 For You
Poem July 2003 Mother Earth
Poem August 2003 To Be...with YOU
Poem February 2004 The Road
Poem February 2004 No Sleep
Poem February 2004 We Are
Poem November 2004 The Seed
Poem April 2006 Thank You
Poem April 2006 I @m
Poem April 2006 Believe
Poem April 2006 We're Slaves
Story April 2006 Journey - A Poetic Essay
Poem November 2006 Spiritual Cobwebs
Poem December 2008 Cold Love
Poem July-August 2011 Full Moon
Poem July-August 2011 Forgotten Heroes
Poem July-August 2011 Don't Stop
Poem July-August 2011 Because
Poem August 2012 Lost in The Dark
Poem August 2012 Live a Little
Poem August 2012 Hear My Prayer
Poem August 2012 Coo-Coo Crazy
Poem August 2012 The Circle's Getting Smaller
Poem October 2012 Compromise
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Can I Get Me through Today
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Dreams and Wishes
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 It's All A Game
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 True Friends
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 When You're Lost in the Dark
Poem March 2013 2013 Author
Poem March 2013 2013 The Road
Poem March 2013 2013 The Past, the Future, the Now
Poem June 2013 I'll smile for You, today
Poem August 2013 Fear-Faced
Poem August 2013 Pieces of Me
Poem August 2013 Did you know what Time , this is...?
Poem September 2013 A Thought into The Universe
Poem September 2013 Move on Higher
Poem September 2013 Don't Deal All Them Lines
Poem September 2013 Does The Conscious Continue
Poem September 2013 Precious
Poem October 2013 I'm So Busy in Your Head
Poem October 2013 I Tried, I Tried Not to Love You
Poem October 2013 Who Will?
Poem October 2013 You Can't Kill Me
Poem November 2013 I'm Dying of Shame
Poem November 2013 No Compromise
Poem November 2013 I'm Looking for Your Love
Poem December 2013 If You Want to Get on
Poem December 2013 Live, for The Day
Poem December 2013 I Don't Know What Possessed Me
Poem January 2014 You Cannot Move On
Poem January 2014 I Walked Those Streets
Poem April 2014 I'm thinkin' and drinkin'
Poem April 2014 Dilemma
Poem August 2014 A Crushed, and Broken Person
Poem August 2014 Trust
Poem October 2014 Absolutely Nothing
Poem October 2014 Prayer - You're in my Heart
Poem October 2014 If Only I Had Said
Poem October 2014 MindWalk
Poem October 2014 Your Demons Stick with You
Poem October 2014 Love is...
Poem November 2014 Judy Kay
Poem January 2015 2014 Love and Let Go
Poem April 2015 It's a Good Day Today
Poem April 2015 Compassion's a Cycle
Poem May 2015 A Lifetime of Faith
Poem May 2015 Reflections of Reality
Poem May 2015 Dream Wisps
Poem June 2015 Friends
Poem June 2015 The Fool
Poem June 2015 God Only Knows
Poem September 2015 The Words
Poem October 2015 Be Strong
Poem November 2015 It is Time to Move on
Poem December 2015 Love is Here
Poem January 2016 2015 Don't be Ordinary
Poem February 2016 2016 Dreams And Wishes
Poem February 2016 2016 KaJa
Poem March 2016 Those You Love
Poem March 2016 Where is the Love
Poem March 2016 You MAKE me
Poem March 2016 You Gave Me Something
Poem March 2016 You Forgot
Poem March 2016 The Things We Do
Poem March 2016 It Might As Well Be Me
Poem April 2016 Solutions
Poem April 2016 Made Myself A Fool For You
Poem April 2016 Just Once
Poem April 2016 I Didn't Ask
Poem May 2016 My House is Warm
Poem May 2016 Joining Hearts
Poem June 2016 Nothingness Blues
Poem June 2016 Pleasure Today
Poem July 2016 Do you Mind?
Poem July 2016 Devotion
Poem July 2016 Pieces of Paper
Poem July 2016 Imagine
Poem July 2016 Back to it All
Poem September 2016 There is No End
Poem October 2016 Strangers
Poem AprMay 2017 Six Feet Deeper.
Poem September 2017 It Ain't
Poem June 2019 It May As Well Be Me
Poem August 2019 Speak to Me
Poem August 2019 We Pause
Poem August 2019 I've Been Waiting
Poem May 2020 Nothing
Poem May 2020 Carry On
Poem May 2020 Memory Lane
Poem May 2020 I've Gone Without
Poem May 2020 Every Day
Poem June 2020 Those Days of Wine and Roses
Poem July 2020 Itís Hard to Love Someone
Poem August 2020 Riotous Assembly
Poem December 2020 2020
Poem January2021 2020 Virus
Poem February 2021 2021 Have a Word
Poem March 2021 You are Strong
Poem April 2021 Little Things
Poem April 2021 The Letter
Poem May 2021 Reasons Not to Do Things
Poem May 2021 Forever True
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