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I Thought I Knew You

By Bud Lemire

Why do people do, the awful things that they do
I search my memories, I thought I knew you
What made you do it, my friend?
Did your sanity, finally end?

I heard about other people, doing dreadful things
I guess somebody must have clipped your wings
As you sit there thinking in your jail cell
I wonder what it is that you'd tell

I wonder what made you do something so wrong
When I thought I knew you all along
It doesn't make any sense at all
You must have climbed over the wall

I didn't think any friend of mine could do that
Makes me wonder where you were at
Can it be that you were drinking
It doesn't excuse you for your poor thinking

Could it be a control issue you had
That turned you into doing something so bad
All these years I thought I knew you
Now I wonder, what it was I really knew

©May 19, 2016 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

This is for a childhood friend of mine, who I
just found out recently is in jail for something
he did. It shocked me that he could do something
like what he did. When I hear of something like
this, it makes me wonder how anyone could do
something so awful. I guess we'll never know
the whys for why they did it, because we don't
think with their mind-settings. He's the one
who'll have to live with it, and the people he
hurt. Makes me realize I am so happy to be
who I am. Caring and sensitive to those around
me. I'd never want to hurt anyone.

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