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Mary, A Special Lady

By Bud Lemire

She wakes from a dream, she wants to go home
That's where she is, and she's never alone
A smoke on her cigarette, a sip of her tea
Time spent with this special lady, was what happened to me

She'll tell it like it is, a great personality
And a wonderful heart, as I've known it to be
She loved looking out the window, on a sunny day
Intelligence was in her, in every single way

Our time was limited, on the time that was spent
Yet I feel luck, of the time that was lent
The News, Family Feud, and The Andy Griffith Show
Those were shows we'd watch, and then my time to go

“I don't eat much,” is what she'd always say
She's settle for a grilled cheese sandwich, made my way
A few chips and a pickle, and that would do
She'd eat it all, until everything was through

When I first met her, she said I was an interesting guy
I played music that she enjoyed, and the time would fly
She felt comfortable with me, considering I'm a man
I listened to her stories, from within her lifespan

I'd read Hagar The Horrible, for her to hear
It would make her laugh, a smile and a cheer
It was always an honor, to know her for our time
This special lady, Mary, was a wonderful friend of mine

©Jun 23, 2016 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Whenever I came in, she wouldn't hear me and called me
Sneaky Pete. We always had a lot to talk about and I found
she was a very wonderful lady. It was always so easy to give
her a hug before leaving for the night. She was always thinking
of her love of life Forrest, and I know she is now dancing in Heaven
with him. I am sure he was waiting to take her hand as she crossed
over. She is now happy and free of the burdens that were here. Thank
you, Mary, for being a wonderful friend of mine.

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