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Universal Treasures

By Bud Lemire

I use to think of success as how much money you made
Every now and then I'd get a little more when paid
Money is nice to have, yet I felt that life was more
I searched within myself and found an opened door

Life for me, was just getting by
Other things in life was what got me high
A little extra money, is all that I need
Before I knew it, I had planted the seed

It grew to be a flower, with many petals on it too
And within this flower, my soul also grew
Human life teaches you, that money is the key
But I believe there's much more that you can be

The Treasures of the Universe, are often never seen
Only if you take the time, to see what's in between
Move slowly, look around, you'll see so much more
Once your visions opened, you never will ignore

Seeing the beauty around you, appreciating it too
Is a treasured feeling, which will help you through
The creatures that live here, have a part to play
Recognizing their value, every single day
In this world, we need a certain amount of money to live
But the value of the soul, is in how much that we give

ŠJun 08, 2016 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Too many people rush through life working their lives
away just to make the money they want and need. I've
balanced my life so I have equal amounts of both. This
way I can look and see so much more around me. I can
feel so much more within me. I can be so much more,
and have so much more, with less.

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