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At The Top

By Bud Lemire

I use to think if I tried hard enough, I'd make it to the top
I went as far as I could, but then I had to stop
It wasn't important that I get there, just important that I try
Nobody had to know the reasons, or even wonder why

Even though I never reached the top, it just couldn't be
I knew I was already at the top, just by being me
Some people think it's best to be at the top
While others are below, doing the bunny hop

I flow with my thoughts, and where I need to be
Guiding spirits opening my eyes to what I need to see
They guide me, on what it is I should do
These are the thoughts, that speak to your heart true

Listen to them, they'll never guide you wrong
Touching you, like a well performed song
Many times, the timing is the key
It's the “when,” on where you need to be

At the top, wasn't mean't for me
Other places, are where I needed to be
So on the level, in the areas of the heart
I am at the very top, when I am doing my part

©July 29, 2016 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Just because I didn't make it to the top, doesn't
mean I didn't try. I gave it my best, and in the
end, I realized, being at the top didn't matter at
all. Because, I was already there, because with
everything I do, I always give it my best.

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