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Snow Light

By Bud Lemire

I went to sleep by Snow Light
That snowfall sure was bright
In my room, all through the night
It let up my apartment, oh what a sight

As that snow was falling outside
I started drifting, and started to glide
Into my dream, I fell to sleep
I didn't even have to count sheep

I was up several times, to take a peek
Then off to the bathroom, to take a leak
I went to bed, and it was so bright
I fell back to sleep, under Snow Light

I dreamt of playing in the snow
Down at Ludington Park is where I go
As a kid, on the toboggan, down the hill
Sliding so fast, it was quite a thrill

Memories and dreams take you many places
And into your mind, old familiar faces
Oh how good it feels to take in the sight
As I fell to sleep, by the Snow Light

©Jan 10, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

My bedroom was all lit up from the bright
snow. And as the snow fell outside, I fell
to sleep by “Snow Light” glowing from
the snow falling outside my window.


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