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Love, And In Love

By Bud Lemire

There are many ways, to use the word Love
It depends upon the meaning, and what you're thinking of
Love, is how close you feel, to a relative or friend
In Love, is a deep love, that you don't want to end

You can be In Love with one, but love many that you know
It's the same with each of us, no matter where we go
Spending time with a friend, I can say “I Love You”
It's the Love of appreciation, of a time together too

In Love, is the kind of Love, that touches your soul deep
This is the strongest, and the one you want to forever keep
You can Love anyone, for what they mean to you
Enjoyable time spent, and which really flew

Intimate and In Love, is how you feel
With that special person, a love that is deeply real
“I Love You Sister,” and you know it's true
She cares for you, and knows what you've been through

“My dear friend, how I Love you so”
A dedicated friend, is always good to know
But someone you're In Love with, plays a special part
They touch your Soul deeply, while embracing your Heart

©Jan 04, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

I Love all of my friends, just for being the caring, kind,
people that they are. I Love all my brothers and sisters, and
cousins too. But I am In Love with that special woman from
Texas who has captured my Heart and Soul. When using the
word Love, know the meanings of what is behind each way
it is used. People tend to get mixed up when they hear someone
use it and thinking it is much more than it is.


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