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Age Is Just A Number

By Bud Lemire

It's not about age, or how old you may be
It's about your personality, and what others will see
Age truly is just a number, but no one will know
If you're acting much younger, your age won't show

Don't act your age, act how you feel
For only then will your feelings be real
Just be who you are, you must remain true
In all things you say, and all that you do

Let your spirit out, let the real you free
Don't be just the body that people see
Be full of life, and dance all around
Be the light for others, wherever you're found

Some people act older, than they need to
When the dance is still there, more than they knew
I know there are those, whose bodies were injured at an earlier time
In those cases, it's having the right frame of mind

I think what helps, is enjoying what you do
So you can feel complete, by just being you
Be all you can be, let your personality shine
Age is only a number, when you're part of the divine

©Nov 20, 2014 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

We all age. But it's how we act as we age that really
counts. We can act like life has passed us by, or we
can live and take each moment to be the best that we
can be. Dance, sing, enjoy each and every day. If
our bodies have stopped us, then our minds shouldn't.
Life is about living, not dying.


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