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The Swinger

By Bud Lemire

She was just swinging, alone there in the park
I rode my bike by, as it was pretty dark
It made me wonder, as I saw her there
Just how many people, swing from everywhere

I use to swing, when I was just a kid
I'd like to think as children, everybody did
It gives you a good feeling, swinging on the swings
A breeze that hits your body, that each new motion brings

Exhilaration, caught up in the swing
Moving to and fro, loving everything
Such a great feeling, as I swing about
Makes me feel so happy, I just want to shout

As the days went by, I didn't see her there
The days got cooler, so she didn't need that air
I wondered what she did, when she didn't swing
What gave her a good feeling, what made her sing

Then one night it was dark, as I was riding by
There she was in a jacket, and she was swinging high
I'm not sure why, it affected me like it did
Maybe it's because I knew, what it was like to be a kid

©Sept 1, 2010 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

The Swing set was over at the Franklin School, which is
now a church. This girl would be over there, swinging.
I am guessing she must live across the street somewhere.
She sure enjoyed swinging, and she was there often.

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