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Dancing Branches

By Mary E. Adair

There stands the venerable Oak--
Nothing can ruffle that tree's elegance,
Though the supple young branches
Eagerly welcome the chance
To join the brisk wind
In a Salsa Dance
Twisting and flipping
In graceful to and fro
Just how to entice them
Only the wind would know
So they swirl and twirl
In an impromptu show.

A pleasure to watch them
In their new garb of green
And as they keep dancing
Seems they love being seen
A like pleasure for them
But they shouldn't trust the wind
Whose errant path soon wanders
Bringing their dance to an end.
But the sun seemed to brighten
Shining down on such grace
And the glimpse of their dance
Brought a smile to my face.

©April 2017 Mary E. Adair

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