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By Mary E. Adair


April & May 2017

"Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.""--Will Rogers

Soothsayer or not, Will Rogers often said what others were feeling but couldn't put into words as well as he could. Sometimes listening to the dialogue on TV will bring tiny nuggets of realization, that makes one ponder the intentions behind such comments. But mostly, the comments are expected and very unsurprising.

That is not true of the compositions presented in this combined issue for April and May. Our authors have original and surprising ideas that they skillfully relay.

Thomas F. O'Neill shares his current experiences in China in his column "Introspective." LC Van Savage speaks of Love and Marriage this month in "Consider This," and admits to a secret longing in her article "Vespa! SS!!!". The other article is by Bethany Davies Whitaker, reprinted from her blog, "Altogether Beautiful." Her insight is always meant to be helpful to others, gained sometimes painfully, but she always seeks the potential lessons .

"Armchair Genealogy" by Melinda Cohenour has the first half of another interesting spotlight into a family member, Sidney Washington Creek, who she titles as "A Much Maligned Man." Rod Cohenour helps our menu choices with his "April Beef Stew" in"Cooking with Rod."

Judith Kroll's column "On Trek" relates her thoughts on "Time."

"Irish Eyes" includes some of the various events with "Music, Poetry, Stories And Drama" that have kept Mattie Lennon busy lately. Some of his plays have been performed and another one is upcoming.

Bud Lemire's two poems are"Housework Nightmare" and: "The First of May." Bruce Clifford submitted four poems: "I Won't Blame You," "The Big Extreme," "She Hid Herself So Well," and "Together." Phillip Hennessy tells us his poem "Six Feet Deeper" will soon become a song as it has the "feel of an Irish drinking tune."

John I. Blair's six poems for this month are "Blessed Understanding," "At First Glance," "Sunshine," "Sitting at Their Feet," "Zander Sleeping," and "One O'Clock in The Morning." Your editor managed to get a bit of verse into the mix with "Dancing Branches."

Mike Craner, without whom this ezine would have never made the web, deserves many bouquets for his expertise and patience. Not easy keeping this little ezine able to continue its mission of encouraging writers, experienced and beginners, and to promote reading. Now if he only had a solution for the slow internet service in this area.

See you in June !!!

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