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Autumn Love

By Bud Lemire

It was Autumn Love, while the leaves were falling
On that special night, I heard her love calling
She settled down, and she touched my soul
I knew right then, she had made me whole

She told me that she dared the chance
Our souls were crying for a special dance
The dance of love, right then and there
Of a love so deep, that we'd always share

Ever since that night, I've felt so much more
That I've ever felt, in my life before
Someone told us that our love was so deep
We were Twin Flames, our love would forever keep

Nothing could keep us apart, except our own mind
Another love like this, we would never find
For our souls came here, in search of this love
She's always on my mind, she's all I think of

She completes me, in all things I know
Within me, she's with me everywhere I go
This love found on Earth, started in Heaven above
On that special night, we experienced Autumn Love

©January 11, 2017 Bud Lemire

Author Note:

Vicki, that night would forever bond me to you. Never
being complete without you. Your love has held me in
place through the years. I love you so very much, and
I thank you for all the love you share with me.

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